Unstopable Dogecoin Domains!

How can anyone use DNS's with any domain and its free and universal?

1- Create a DNS entry type TXT on your Domain with:

2- Thats it! lol less then 1 minute your domain your dogecoin adress working

To discover the address the adress for example I use PHP like this but its universal on any language
// we get the domain to check if there is a doge address associated
$domain_to_doge_address = dns_get_record("doge.what-is-dogecoin.com",DNS_TXT);
// if there is more then one address we can go thru all of them if we want to add more excitment on what we can do
        for ($i = 0; $i < count($domain_to_doge_address); $i++)  {

            // we make sure the doge address exists
            if(strpos($domain_to_doge_address[$i]["txt"], "dogecoin:") !== false){
                 // we in this example print a nice QR code for shibes to TIP
                 echo 'dogecoin:'.$domain_to_doge_address[$i]["txt"];
                // if there is no doge address we say something funny :P
                echo 'Much sad!';