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Dogecoin Foundation Code of Shibes (conduct)


The Dogecoin community consists of people from around the world with diverse talents and experiences. When working with people throughout the Dogecoin community, this Code of Shibes will help guide your relationships to ensure that the Dogecoin Community remains aligned to the Dogecoin Manifesto and its Four Pillars: Being PersonableUseful, Reliable and Welcoming.


The Code of Shibes should be applied to all staff, volunteers and attendees at Dogecoin Events which make use of the Dogecoin Brand, as well as participants in official online community spaces, including but not limited to: official social media channels, websites, code repositories, mailing lists and chat groups.

Good Shibes

Members of the Dogecoin community treat each other with mutual respect and consideration in a personable and welcoming manner. We value positive behaviors that strengthen those principles and so, good members try to:

Be Open

Members of the community are open to collaboration, and are friendly and welcoming to everyone. To this end, we consider differing views and are receptive to constructive feedback. We acknowledge that the skills and experiences of others may differ from our own and can improve our shared aims and objectives. We use inclusive language and accept all who want to participate by creating an environment where everyone is welcome and can make a difference.

Show Empathy and Consideration

We are mindful of our communications and how our words can be interpreted. We are considerate of others’ viewpoints, and thoughtful when considering different or opposing views. Members of the Dogecoin community should think of the consequences of their actions and how they may affect other people by empathizing with them. We focus on what is best for the community by being respectful of - and working within - the community’s processes. Suggestions to improve processes are made with consideration and respect.

Be Respectful

Members are respectful of others, their beliefs, skills, viewpoints and commitments, as well as their time and effort. The community always respects volunteers whose time and effort are crucial to Dogecoin and its success. We acknowledge and always keep-in-mind that each volunteer is giving their time for the good of the community.

Bad Shibes

In order to make everyone feel welcome, and to ensure the community remains respectful and with good vibes, examples of behavior that members must not engage in include:


It is unacceptable to harass other people in any way, including unwelcome physical contact, stalking, unsolicited photography, inappropriate comments or any continued activity, including one-on-one communication after requests to stop, or public singling out of members in a negative manner.

Intimidation and violence

Any form of intimidation: threats of violence, ‘doxxing’ (revealing people’s private details), public humiliation, insults, generally offensive language or content are unacceptable, including incitement of violence. Continued disruption of online or in-person events is unacceptable.


As a participant in the community, it is important to understand you may have interactions with 'VIPs' AKA ‘famous people’. These folk often receive hundreds of requests every week for money, participation in projects and endorsements. So as to not frustrate Dogecoin’s allies, it is important that members of the Dogecoin community do not cold-contact anyone with unsolicited/unwelcome ideas or requests.

Unwelcome solicitation to personal projects, charities or groups is both unprofessional and undogely and jeopardizes the good-will of the Dogecoin Foundation.

People asked to stop any unacceptable behavior are expected to do so immediately.


The Dogecoin Foundation, event organizers, and community managers in Dogecoin spaces may take any action they deem appropriate at any time, including warning the offending person or expulsion of the offending person from the community space, projects or events for a limited or unlimited period of time.

Anybody also has the right to engage the police in case of criminal activity and is encouraged to do so.


If you feel that anyone in the community is violating the Code of Shibes, or you have concerns, please reach out to the event / project / community organizers, or email conduct at

In case of an emergency at in-person events, call the emergency phone number shown at the start of the event, or phone your local emergency hotline (911 in the US, 999 in the UK, 000 in Australia).

Thank you for helping make the Dogecoin community friendly, safe and welcoming for all!